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Action Politics important for the victory of the center-right

Our civic project awarded by the Abruzzesi "
"Per Azione Politica is a project that is renewed with enthusiasm. Contributing, thanks to the civic commitment, to the victory of the center-right coalition confirms that the right path, that our candidates have worked well, that the program of Political Action has been shared ". This is Gianluca Zelli, AzP's coordinator, in the margins of the press conference held this morning at Palazzo Silone in L'Aquila, with the members of the center-right coalition that led to the election of Marco Marsilio to the presidency of the Abruzzo region.
"The Political Action team, which obtained 3.34% with 19446 votes, has distinguished itself on the territory by reporting results that tell the story of a year of extraordinary life. My congratulations go to all the candidates, to Roberto Santangelo who, elected in the college of L'Aquila, will be our advisor. Again - Zelli continued - to the coalition colleagues with whom we shared the challenge. And above all, to Marco Marsilio, our president, the one who freed Abruzzo and in whom we trust to restore his dignity and strength ".
Posted in Political on February 11 at 05:17 PM

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